Super Lu

My X-factor, as I often refer to her; at least I did, when she was little. The thought comes to mind still.

She is our third child and second daughter, a bit of a surprise (to me, anyway)…and then all the joy and beauty and sass and pure goodness I could hope for. I’ve said before, I didn’t think much about gender before our first child, our first daughter was born. What a gift and awakening. And then Number Three came along. A Second Daughter. Alleluia.

And this is her day.

Seven today.

She is strong and capable and smart and willing and able, able to be whatever she decides. And to my dying day, I am absolutely delighted to follow her path.

It’s gonna be something. And actually, it already is! She’s a wonder to behold, so much behind that smile, that look in her eye, such a delight!

I love how she dances, how she sings, how she draws, how she wags her finger at me, how she speaks Spanish with a Peruvian accent…how she sometimes calls me “…Jeff…”

Really, chica? I’m your Dad…

And so glad that is so!

Happy Happy Birthday, Super Lu~

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