My Friend, God and Gisele

This story from my friend, Kim, captures the holy and sacred moment of God in the world, right now. Thank You, Kim; Thank You, Gisele.

“This Saturday I delivered Easter reusable bags to kids in our congregation. As I was driving I saw Gisele. She was in the midst of straightening her crown 👑(as every queen should).
It struck me, isn’t this how God is in the world?

God sneaks up in the midst of your daily tasks, in a parking lot of all places! In the monotony of it all— God says, “did ya notice me?”

I looped back around.
I pulled over and talked with Gisele— I told her I liked her crown. Her wearing it reminded me of beautiful Christian Iconography. I was grateful she was wearing it because it showed me God today.

She giggled and thanked me sweetly. I asked if she wanted some leftover communion that I had in my car. Yes please she said, we broke it and ate it. Really, none of this makes any sense. In my experience this is what God does.

God shows up in moments in my life whether I ready or not. Holy moments happen if I notice them or not, and they rarely make any sense. I know one thing for sure— they are always fleeting, and the circumstances change every time.

I’m only able to perceive the back side of God after God has already walked by, but I know when I’ve been in the midst of the Holy.
For me, that’s Easter.

The story makes no sense (except the women were there first, and had to do all the work to get everything ready 😉).

A poor Jewish dude and his 12 friends are going to start a 2,000 year revolution? That love is greater than death?

None of this make sense. But in this fleeting moment with Gisele, I know it to be true, even when i have more belief than answers.

Happy Easter to you my friends.
(This picture and story was shared with permission from Gisele).


This story shared with permission to HalffullAllgood.

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