How It Goes, Part 2

The turn of events, how do it start again? How did it start? Gonna get a little head, just a little ahead, gas on the way home, Monday Night.

On approach to gas stop one, long line, slow cars, too slow too slow, looking too slow and so,

Change of plan, change of plan, peel off from gas stop one, gonna try gas stop two, maybe a little quicker, gas stop two.

Was a little quicker to be sure, then in just a flicker, everything sideways and upside down and off the rails,

That’s how it goes, that’s how goes, in just a moment, you know this, off the rails, that’s how it goes.

Slow pull away from the pump, thump thump thump, oh no, I know that sound slow thump thump thump,

Flat tire flat tire thump thump thump, limp to a spot, a slot, to investigate, just can’t wait, ain’t getting home early, dogs’ll have to wait.

That’s how it goes, life says, WAIT!, no restraints gotta wait, adjust, to the moment to the moment, capitulate.

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