Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, my attitude into the day, the week,

When I first wake, it often comes crashing down…the list is long, things rush into my mind,

My kids, my divorce, a few nagging work issues, the state of my community, the state, the country, the many conflict areas of the world,

No shit, no lie, I pray about Gaza, and Somalia, and Iraq, and Ethiopia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, every day, comes rushing into my mind, and for the people, especially the children, I pray….and for my own kids, I pray for them, this far, and into eternity…

Things rushing in, rushing in…

But it’s not enough, or maybe just enough, to keep it all at bay,

It’s a funny thing, why do I feel that way, most every day, Never mind, push through, funny or otherwise, just got to do it,


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