Trying to make them when I can, moments for the kids, moments for fun.

Not a big thinker most of the time, more an opportunist, open to make it happen if the desire and window of time opens.

Case in point? Mid-Sunday afternoon, at a local park, kids playing, then someone has to go potty, but the bathrooms are locked.

So speed home we did, and along the way someone says, “I want to ride my bike”, and another says, “…but I want to go back to the park…”,

And so when we got home, I threw the bike rack on the back of the car, and the kids wheeled out the bikes, ran back to the car with their helmets, and we sped back to the same park.

Sunset fast approaching, I’d aspired to BBQ before 5p, alas not to be.

Because I opted for the moment, effort to make the moment, a little better, a little more special.

Mind you, not without a little grumpy sprinkled in, striving for the moment,

but when the kids settle in on the snacks,

I remind them of the setting sun, the departure fast approaching,

A little grump veiled as ernest insistence,

But we had the moment, made the moment,


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