Russia Invades Ukraine, Day 6

I’m still dumb-founded.

I can’t believe it’s happening.

I can’t believe a former lieutenant colonel in the KGB become president, decided it seemed like a good idea to invade Russia’s plus 1,000 year neighbor / partner in Slavic history.

I thought more of the KGB to this point, thought differently about Putin.

But then, Putin’s military actions in Crimea (previously part of Ukraine) and Ingushetia were likely sufficient foreshadow.

And now I talk to a friend in the Donbas, Ukraine…she’s become a very strong Ukrainian nationalist it seems;

And I talk to a friend in Pennsylvania formerly of Donbas — her heart is split with this violence;

And I talk to a friend in Moscow who can only hope family in Ukraine is ok, sad, unsure.

And all this, my intellect and understanding can fathom and find the paths that have brought us to this point,

But my heart? It just aches, as well.

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