Dear Corina

When I came to PB (the company I work for), she was one of the first people I met. Most everyone was welcoming, but she was especially so.

I think we were about the same age, though her two daughters were already young adults. My kids were little at the time. She’s one of the friendliest, very well-dressed, fun-loving, best cooks, generous-beyond- measure people I’ve ever met, honestly.

A classy professional, thoughtful co-worker, creative, faithful soul.

When I started at the company I worked for a different group. I then was asked to move to her group about a year later. We were cube neighbors, and chatted frequently. She was active in her parish, and we talked about the new bishop in the diocese; she’d met him early on.

When my dad passed away, she made a card and had everyone sign it — she handed it to me when I returned to the office and gave me a hug. So so generous and thoughtful.

Dear Corina.

She found out about her cancer about a year and a half ago. She followed doctors’ recommendations about treatment, procedures, diet, etc. She followed it all — surgeries, chemo, radiation, et, al. — and battled with an amazing attitude. I imagine her faith and strong family helped her tremendously.

But the cancer has turned out to be more than she can withstand. The latest word from her family is that she’s deteriorated quite a bit; she’s only expected to survive a few more days.

Dear Corina.

May God hold you in the palm of His hands in your final days, and welcome you with open arms when he calls you home. You’re an amazing human, and I thank God for your life, and the time I got to spend working with you.

And, dear Corina, see you on the other side.


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