Missing Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain - chef, author, TV storyteller blending food and travel - I miss him. I loved his particular voice, observations, his progression in life and perspective on things. The demons took him, like they’ve taken so many; as I’ve written before, Cornell, Williams, Montrose, my paternal grandfather, my cousin, all cut down by a …

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Lyrics Post: “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, Bonnie Raitt

This song, over and over in my head, in my ears this last weekend...seeping in, soaking me up, into every crevice, cathartic...I think...or wallowing...not sure...but it felt like, feels like...progress... "I Can't Make You Love Me" Turn down the lights;Turn down the bed.Turn down these voicesInside my head. Lay down with me;Tell me no lies.Just …

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Transition, Progress

The park, one of those places where reflection sometimes comes easier, Kids everywhere playing, cool easy breeze, sun sinking low, Transitions…always thinking about them, task to task, project to project at work, at home, with co-workers, with family, with kids, moving from on thing to the next, adapting, adjusting focus, Progression, always thinking about progressing, …

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Stoic Notes

Scribbled down, Basics from meditations, Meditations, planned journal become public declarations of belief, By no less than an emperor, Marcus Aurelius, the last of the so-called “The Five Good Emperors”… PRIME basics, words, ideas to live by, 1/ Courage 2/ Self-Disciple 3/ Justice 4/ Wisdom GOOD.