More Insight: Veterans Day

Visited a couple cemeteries today in effort to reflect more directly on Veterans Day. One of the two locations was the Golden Gate National Cemetery, just south of San Francisco.

In addition to paying respect those who have served, I got to thinking about those many people’s lives and how they might have lived, the challenges they might have faced. Maybe some of them similar to challenges I face.

Good lessons.

The highest rank we saw, Colonel…I’m sure that dude saw plenty through two wars…God Bless.

The Colonel

We were lucky to find one Medal of Honor recipient…there are only about 3,500 people who have received this recognition, from the hundreds of thousands of military personnel who have served since the Civil War.

Lt. DeSwan, Spanish American War. RESPECT

Proof positive that Americans come from everywhere, these several soldiers were born elsewhere, but served the United States in the truest form. From Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Philippines…

From Yugoslavia
From Sweden
From Latvia
From Ireland
From the Philippines


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