Fam First

Gotta say, it’s fam first.

I’ve been working some 34 years now, grinder most all those years,

Most frequently wiling to put my own needs aside for the company, the business,

And I’m still instinctually of that mindset.

Bit with three school-age kids, single parent, well, when I’ve got my kids, it’s gotta be Fam First.

Nighttime Routine in play, work call after hours, nope, no time for that.

Might move a little harsh, but “…get behind me, Satan…” comes to mind. My work peeps are far far from Satan; I think the world of them, all pretty much great peeps.

But after hours phone call about something that can be addressed in 12 hours?

Nope nope. Not when I have my kids. Their well-being comes first.

Others might take that call; not me; no more, anyway.

Fam First, baby. Gotta be.

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