Three hundred and thirty three.

That’s about how many calories I had in the little plate of food I ate for dinner with the family last night.  So I wasn’t successful in my “no food” fast day, but I was close (see yesterday’s post).  A couple bites of chicken, and some pancit my in-laws left with us from the weekend.  Also a spoonful of potato salad.

My decision to mini-dine was based on the circumstance of the moment.  We were trying to get our three little kids to the table to eat their dinner, and with them facing the usual distractions, I thought, “If I eat a little, maybe that will help them.”

It really didn’t do much…they still wandered around while my wife and I ate our dinner.  But the thought was pretty sound, I think.  Damn the complete fast, and let’s try to help the bigger cause.

One lesson I took from the experience is, parenting and family factors will frequently play into things — indeed SHOULD play into things — and we parents need to be flexible to adjust, modify our plan, do what’s necessary, and then keep going forward.  That’s life.  That’s parenting.

I also reminded myself that I’ll take the UP side of the experience from the fast — 333 calories (or there about) isn’t much — and try again soon for a complete fast.

Meanwhile, I’ll hope for a more successful dinner hour tonight, and take the partial victory of the partial fast, and call it GOOD.



For about the last year or so I’ve followed the 5:2 Diet.

This diet basically has you eating “normally” five days out of the week, but two days a week, limiting your eating to 600 calories (if you’re a man) for the “fast days”.

Beyond the 5:2 Diet, I did a 21-day cleanse/purification in February.  But the last couple of days I’ve fallen off a bit with my consumption.  And I’ve also found myself in a funk I need to shake loose.

So today I’m taking this fast day a step further, and not going to eat anything.  Drink a lot of water, yes.  But in effort to reset my “system” and my attitude, I’m on the fast today.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to shake things up  a bit.  I find this is particularly useful if you find you’re not quite feeling yourself normal, a little off kilter, etc.  Fasting can be a good way to do this, since you leave yourself with more time for other things (since you’re not eating) , and it heightens your senses and self-awareness.

Stay tuned for the results.

Oh yes, and if you’re interested in learning more about the 5:2 Diet, a good resource can be found here.