Freestyle into Friday: Another Take on Attitude, Perspective, and Reality

There’s no two ways about it:  Friday is nearly always (at least) a little bit better.

Why is that?

it’s about the end of the (typical) work week.  It’s the anticipation of having a couple days off over the weekend.  It starts way back we’re in school, twelve (plus) years of being in classes all week and dreaming, waiting, wanting the weekend to arrive. Even if you worked weekends, it was still a break from school.

When we hit the work world, there’s all the more reason to anticipate the freedom and fun the weekend represents.

What is the effect?

We get giddy.  We have a lighter air about us, a better attitude.  We offer a smile more readily.  A high-five to a co-worker as we pass in the hall.  If it’s a “bonus Friday”, with Halloween in the mix as it is today, there’s the potential for more playfulness.

Consider this sampling of phrases that reflect the particular magic of Friday:

It’s “finally a Friday” from radio station DJs;

“Friday-lite Traffic” from the traffic reporters;

“Casual Friday” (now it’s every day in some companies);

“Hawaiian shirt” Friday is the approach one of my old college buddies takes to propagate good around his office.

How can we perpetuate the good vibes BEYOND Friday, to every day.  That’s really the opportunity.  What can we do in our every day to make it like Friday?

Any lessons there…?  There must be.

It comes down to perspective, and attitude.  Be positive, and things ARE more positive.  Expect good things to happen during the day, they’re more likely to.  We have a lot of say in what our reality is. As a workmate shared with me today from a blog post he read, “Health, life, and man’s fate depend on our thoughts.”  Yes INDEED.

Sure, things are just a wee bit better on Fridays.  But there’s no reason we can’t shift our mindset to make every day that way.

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