Allow Yourself to be Inspired


From time to time people ask me where my motivation comes from, or comment otherwise on how I frequently seem to be upbeat, energized, positive.  There are a few reasons why I end up being that way most of the time.  One of the most important is that I allow myself to be inspired.

There are at least two big reasons why allowing yourself to be inspired is a very good thing.

First, when you’re inspired it lifts your spirits (literally). Allowing inspiration to wash over you fills you with energy, improves you attitude, brightens your mood.  All of these results are all critical to being happy, healthy (also literally), and being able to be more productive throughout the day.

When we’re inspired we’re excited, we’re ready to go, we’re optimistic about things, we feel GOOD.

Additionally, when we are inspired there is a certain external effect that is equally valuable: the resulting positive energy is infectious.  Those around you tend to feel better about things, if only or a brief moment.  Over time that rising tide of inspiration lifts all boats.

When you’ve been inspired, when you’re upbeat and emitting a positive attitude, others can’t help but recognize it (even if they don’t let on), and soak up a little of it too. Sharing the GOOD nudges others to have a similar world view, see the bright side, and want to perpetuate those feelings for themselves.

I’m a big believer in being open to new things, be it music, a fresh perspective, something new to learn, a new restaurant, etc.  Being open is part of the manner by which you allow yourself to be inspired.

Being observant is another skill needed for the inspiration game.  With the right perspective, you’ll notice little things all the time that can be sources of inspiration. Sunsets and sunrises are two obvious, visual inspirations.  A rising full moon can also be a reliable source of inspiration.

I’ve got three little kids at home, and they provide a near constant source of inspiration. With their mini-accomplishments, realizations, and simple efforts that create pure joy which kids are known for, I always get a boost from them. I see one of them running down the hall, or laughing uncontrollably, and my attitude “reset-to-good” mechanism is immediately activated.

In the end it’s up to each of us to figure out what we enjoy, what motivates us, what provides a pick-me-up.  Once you’ve gone through that exercise, those very things will become the spring from which inspiration can bubble up.  If only we let it.

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