Feel the GOOD, Share the GOOD


[Copyright, Charles Schultz]

One of my work buddies was jokingly talking the other day about getting a life coach, rather than a therapist, to help him with his problems.  I told him immediately that he didn’t need to look any further than my desk.  I’d be happy to help him “pro bono”. I was half-kidding of course, but that also means I was sorta half-serious.

When I’m at my best, I consider myself an amateur counselor (read: therapist/life coach).  I love that sort of dialogue and approach to life’s problems.   I have several friends who are therapists (and one that I know of who’s title is actually “Life Coach”), and have always related closely to their calling and training, their perspectives and solutions.  [Full disclosure, I’ve also gone through periods of clinical therapy at different times in my life.]

I would never represent that I have the certifications or experiences that a professional therapist has.  On the other hand, I do think I have some of the skills.  I also like listening to people’s stories, sharing my own perspectives, and providing an emotional boost if I can.

That’s really my basic modus operandi:  Finding the perspective in any situation, especially when it’s a negative one, where there is a glimmer, a little sliver of hope, of upside, of lesson that can be learned, of little light to stay fixed on to get through the darkness.  I do that when I’m faced with difficulty.

There are times too when I’m feeling particularly good about something (or things, if I’m lucky), and want to share that insight unsolicited, thinking it might just resonate for someone else.

My advice today?  When you find yourself in In that upbeat groove, when you’re feeling quiet confidence, a bit more assured and positive than usual, savor it.  Then share it.  I just did.

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