Compromise is Like Sharing: Ya Gotta Do It

In the end, it’s all about compromise.  Most all of us rely on others for portions (at least) of our well-being and happiness. It follows then that compromise is necessary for all sides to be satisfied with the arrangements.

At home we count on our partner to get things done and they rely on us to do the same. Inevitably there are things that come up that we might not immediately have the same take on. That is the moment when compromise is helpful.

At work, there are frequently times when we’re working with co-workers and relying on them to complete assigned tasks to reach a common goal. Seldom do things go as planned, and compromise is helpful here as well.

Another way of thinking about compromise is “sharing”: that critical trait we’re taught as children to get along on the playground with others.  As Jack Johnson sings, “It’s always more fun, to share, with every one.”

She does the shopping, he does the dishes. He does the laundry, she folds.

You finish the content of the proposal, your co-worker proof-reads the text. Your customer agrees to favorable payment terms, you give a discount.

You let your friend go on the swing first, she lets you on the Monkey Bars ahead of her during the afternoon recess.

Compromise is like sharing for grown-ups. And it’s GOOD.

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