A New Day and Old Shoes


This morning it was raining when I got up.  It only sort of drizzled when I was out with the dogs and when I was getting ready. I decided all the same it would be best to pull out a pair of old, waterproof shoes for the day.

When I slipped me feet into the sand-brown Timberlands they were stiff and uncomfortable from non-use.  I figured they’d get better as the day wore on. I trogged out the door into the pre-dawn darkness and into the day.

As the morning progressed the shoes slowly got more comfortable.  Seemed I just needed to give the leather a chance to warm up and break back in. By shifting my weight and loosening the grip of my toes through the morning, the near 20 year old shoes were good by lunch.

It was about that time I thought the shoes were a good metaphor for each new day.

We need to give ourselves time, getting warmed up.  As time progresses, things will likely get better. The key is not to expect immediate comfort, success, things to be exactly as we’d like them in the first part of our day.

Yep, that’s pretty sound advice. Have a reasonable expectation for old shoes, and each new day. Things’ll likely get better as they get warmed up. Might even turn out to be pretty comfortable, pretty GOOD.


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