#Inspiration Everywhere

I often use this hashtag — #inspiration everywhere — to encourage others to actively search for inspiration every day, all the time.  Well ok. Maybe not seek it out every day (although that’s not a bad idea), but at least be open to it. Be open to be inspired by what ever is around you, whatever you come across.

As I’ve shared before, most mornings I go for an early morning walk around the neighborhood with our two black labs.  It’s the only real exercise I can muster with three little kids and a busy life otherwise.  It usually is about thirty minutes of personal time.  I have to get up a bit earlier than I used to to have that time, but it’s well worth it.

Most mornings I start talking myself, saying some “walking prayers”, as I can them, getting my head into the day.  I think about the day before, I think about my wife and kids, I think about my parents, my friends.  I can pretty well count on just about anything coming through my head as a make my way down to the park and back.

I can’t really explain how I get the inspiration that usually comes.  Sometimes it’s the way the dogs are.  Maybe my legs feel pretty good, maybe it’s a nice, predawn sky.  Whatever it might be, I usually find the energy charge to feel pretty good about the day ahead, whatever it might hold.

Today I heard this story that gives a particular sort of inspiration.  Bill Krissoff is the guy’s name.  I’d not heard of him until today.  Definitely worth your time to hear this one when you have a few minutes.  He’s a doctor who became a battalion surgeon and deployed to Iraq after his son was KIA there. Bill was sixty years old at the time.   If you want to read the piece, look here. If you’d prefer a 4 minute, 23 second video that’ll give you pause (and inspiration), look here.

The Krissoff story is particularly moving and powerful.  But inspiration doesn’t have to be blockbuster big like this one.  Actually, we might say that the inspiration bill Krissoff found to do what he did is the real catch.  I’d suggestion though that inspiration doesn’t have as monumental as Krissoff’s story.  I’d offer that inspiration is everywhere.  We need only be open to it, looking for it, ready for it to provide a little boost to our day.


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