What America Do You Want To Live In?


I try to steer clear of blatant, direct commentary or story otherwise, related to politics. That space is plenty filled by pundits, talking heads, policy wonks, and spin doctors (and legit political scientists and journalist too).  However, after seeing this quote from ol’ Pat Buchanan, I have to offer a simple thought, at last.

Here’s what I read:

“A secession of the heart has already taken place in America, and a secession, not of states, but of people from one another, caused by divisions on social, moral, cultural and political views and values, is taking place.”  – Pat Buchanan in WorldNetDaily  You can find the whole piece here.

In my humble view, the whole thing boils down to attitude, and to freedom. I know that second word is LOADED with context and nuance and opinion.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, the America I want to live in provides everyone the same rights, society (partially through government) takes care of those who need help, and offers opportunity for people from anywhere and everywhere looking for a better life.

Those were the ideas that inspired the people who first came to America, and those are the principles the country was founded on.

To our ancient credo based on timeless truths, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” let us add the traits we can all nurture — “Tolerance, Understanding, and Compromise” — and make our country a better place, TOGETHER.

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