Friday Faves, Issue #1

Following in the fine steps of Mr. Tim Ferriss and his “5-Bullet Friday“, I was thinking after reading his list for the week, “Shoot, I’ve got the same hyper-kinetic thoughts running through my head on a daily basis…why not share some tidbits from MY noggin…”

So, commencing The Friday Faves series on Half Full, All GOOD.  Here’s ya go…and as I often say, “Enjoy the muse!”

Destination of the Week: New customer in this province recently came on board.  Shanxi.  Look forward to seeing that relationship develops.

Quote of the Week:  “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Band of the Week:  Spin Doctors. The song that’s been playing in my head repeatedly this week?  “Pocket Full of Kryptonite“.

Meal of the Week:  This one hit the spot last night, and put a smile on my wife’s face since I picked it up on the way home.  They do it right at Smashburger, gotta say.  What did I eat?  Right Here:  Classic Smash with Multi-grain Bun (rather than the standard Egg Bun) & Goat Cheese (rather than the standard American Cheese).  Added a generous helping of raw spinach for extra greens, on top of typical leaf of lettuce.  DELICIOUS.

Website of the Week:   I’ve been thinking about getting another pair of eyeglasses, but don’t want to take the time to go the store.   A co-worker just got a new pair from these folks.  Gonna check ’em out.

And that’s a wrap for the week!

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