Friday Faves, Issue #4

And VOILA!, another edition of Friday Faves is here.  Snippets of GOOD I found anew, or remembered from before, and offer up here to share.


Destination of the Week:      An ancient trading country (human remains have been found here dating back eight thousand years), and one of the more stable in the region, Oman is the pick this week.  Also came to mind thanks to some renewed business interest in the country. 

Quote of the Week: “The author is not responsible for vulgar or other inappropriate content that appears in this message due to this stupid phone’s auto-correct function.” -the email tagline from a work colleague who travels a lot, thus conducting a lot of business via his mobile phone.

Band of the Week: An oldie but a goodie from the 1980’s:  Y & T.  Went to my first real concert to see this band from the San Francisco bay area and they cemented my love of live music and straight-ahead guitar-based rock & roll.  Here’s the hook, live, for good measure:

Meal of the Week:  Not a meal this time, but a beverage. A high-octane selection from none other than Tim Ferriss.  It’s a “clean drink”, the Nor Cal Margarita (two shots of high-grade tequila, club soda, and as much lime (or lemon) juice as you can handle.

Website of the Week:  I use this site pretty much every week to get the low-down on any country that comes up during the day’s work.  And imagine that, it’s from the US Government! Check it out.

There you have it.  Have a good weekend!


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