Keep ’em in the Air

holdyourfire-1[photo from the RUSH album, “Hold Your Fire”]

Lots going on over the last several days. It’s been a bit of a challenge keeping everything in the air, so nothing falls through the cracks, as it were.  I didn’t even have time to put on my socks this morning until I got to my desk.

The usual activities have been in play:  work, three little kids, house chores, holiday activities ramping up, etc.  Add the last Lions club meeting for the year tonight, family finance transitions with decisions and deadlines, car maintenance scheduling/logistics, and Giving Tuesday on top of it all, it’s made for a little quicker pace since just before Thanksgiving.

When things get busy, I remind myself that “busy” is a choice, one I’ve consciously made for myself.  My family?  My choice.  My work?  My choice.  Philanthropy via Lions?  My choice.  My finances?  My choice.

Overall, I want to and enjoy being busy.  For me, that translates to more productivity and progress, if I’m managing everything properly.  It also means looking back on the efforts with satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and “doing good.”

What busy requires though is increased focus, discipline, and a positive attitude.  Why?  Because as life gets busy, things can more easily go sideways.  The result?  People relying on you can get bent out of shape if timelines and expectations slip.  That’s just par for the course.

Last night, by the time I finished some finance work, it was past my target bedtime.  Still, I didn’t want to miss the Giving Tuesday opportunity that ended at midnight. So I logged on and gave a bit of fiscal support to a few folks I believe in, a mix of local and global charitable organizations:  Sacred Heart Community, Loaves & Fishes, One World Play Project, and PIH

Remembering what’s important, taking brief breaks, keeping a smile on your face and staying after it are the keys to success.

So after a few deep breaths and little stretch, I’m back at, still keeping things in the air.



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