Insights: It’s What You Do With Them That Counts


The past three days have given me ample reason to be thankful yet again for the people around me.   Different people for different reasons gave me a measurable improvement in my outlook on several topics, and thus given me insights on which to take action.

That effort to Take Action is the crux of this post.

I talked with a new advisor on Friday and through that discussion gained some really important, new insights on understanding one’s self & relationships.  I concluded that conversation with some new perspective, and also homework, to study recent, ground-breaking literature to further inform my comprehension and more important, guide my future actions with a new, more complete approach to interpret others’ decisions.

Later that day, I played a round of golf with an old friend.  I was really looking forward to the time together, and it didn’t disappoint.  A web developer (among MANY other skill sets), my friend shared some valuable knowledge and again, “way of thinking” about the variety of purposes  websites have in branding, delivering content, and managing all aspects of the business therein.   I left the golf course with several thoughts to follow up on both in research and action.

The bonus from the convo with my friend was some of fresh perspective on parenting. He and his wife have two children a bit older than the three we have in our family.  The ideas and insights he shared about balancing activities with children, all the outside work that goes into supporting them (think sports, PTA, extra-curricular at school, etc.) really gave me a lot to think about as our oldest gets to school-age.

Finally, on Saturday I spent the evening with the Lions club I belong to as we held our Christmas party for the year.  We had a pretty good turn-out, and the fellowship and fun that was had (along with plenty of comfort food dishes, treats, and singing of Christmas carols)  was second to none.  It reminded me once again why I value that membership so much:  It’s a group of people that demonstrate time and again the benefit of collective altruism.

Not only do we have several programs and projects that follow the Lions Motto, “We Serve”, but we enjoy being together, across backgrounds and generations.   I went home from that event with a renewed commitment (and some new ideas too) about my role as one of the servant leaders of the club.

All together, the last few days have left me with a sublime sense of possibility.  The most important take-away is the underlying thread of “call to take action” that I feel.  I know it’s up to me to make my lists of new actions needed and then ACT to move things forward in my life, which in turn will positively effect other people’s lives.    The ideas are good, but as they say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Positive, measurable progress is needed through clearly-defined actions.

It’s up to me to take the first step, and stay after it.  Onward!


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