Sublime Sunday

Sundays end up being a mix of chores and errands, with bits of pause and rest sprinkled in. The key is to make the most of the bits, while checking things off the list.

I wrote about making the most of the mundane a while back. More along the same track, finding the bits of sublime peace in the midst of the usual and the required is an important life skill to find happiness.

It’s really about acceptance and perspective: Accepting where you are in the moment, taking a fresh look, and finding something to smile about.

In the midst of laundry and dishes and cleaning up and prepping flank steak dinner in the slow-cooker, there’s plenty to smile about. It’s all about finding the joy where you don’t expect it, hiding behind the couch, or in an article you’ve stumbled upon, or maybe in the music on the radio. When you least expect it, joy can find you. You need only be open to it. 

And that’s it. Time to get a fresh coffee, and fold some laundry.

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