We’ve been at it for a while. The oldest is nearly five years old, the middle one is three, the youngest will be two in a couple months.

With all the holiday (and usual weekend) prep activities today, coupled with a particularly needy son today, this mantra came to mind.  I’m going to use liberally.

“I am with you, will support you, and pick you up when you fall, but I am not going to carry you.”

Seems to me this could be useful with a every age person really, not just little people. I sure could have used this notice when I was a kid. Then again, maybe I got it, in so many words.

One thing’s for certain. I want my kids to be resilient, and still loving, as soon as possible. Not sure the measure, but the objective is clear.

Be ready to love, to give, to rally, and get up when you fall. You have a support group that’s with you, but you have to do the work on your own.

It’s the only way live.

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