Daughters: Let Them Shine


When my daughters were born I realized my mission as a dad was suddenly a lot more dynamic than I’d imagined it would be. While I’ve always respected and gotten along with women, and felt that I understand them pretty well (as best I can, being a man) raising girls was a reality I hadn’t considered.

There’s been plenty published by authorities on the subject of the effect and influence fathers in particular have on daughters. I’ve taken a lot of that information to heart. But when I see either of my girls, all those ideas and concepts and philosophies boil down to this:

I want to teach my girls to be thoughtful, grounded, strong, resilient, loving, and fearless. When they set their mind to something, I don’t want anything but their level of desire, ability, and commitment to be a barrier to realizing their goals and being true to what they believe.

I want their true selves to shine through, to be just what they discover themselves to be, where their dreams are their only limitation. As they grow into women, I want them to feel they are always supported to be who they truly are, the best they can be.

It starts with me to help them shine.

3 thoughts on “Daughters: Let Them Shine

  1. Hi, Jeff! Thank’s for this post and Your great intentions. You will teach Your girl’s whatever You want if You will support more and criticize less. I’m not a father yet, but this is my opinion how it could work better.
    Between – that lady in picture looks so lovely. Give her sweet hug and wish merry Christmas!
    Best wishes for Your family and merry Christmas, Jeff! 🙂

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