If ever there was a day for this hashtag, it’s today.  Especially from the desk of a dad with two daughters.  Sure, there’s International Women’s Day in March, which is also worthy of the tag. But today is just as important, maybe even more so.  Why, you ask?

Today is International Day of the Girl, so named by the UN in 2012.

Why maybe even more important than International Women’s Day?  Well, girls are our future.  They will become the women of tomorrow.  Society, MEN in society, need to support and work to create an environment that let’s girls thrive.  We need to protect them, lift them up, teach them.

More women in power across all sectors and facets of society can only mean more balance, more equality, and a better future for humanity, and our planet.  We need to continue breaking gender barriers, and do away with any boundaries the hold girls back.  Teach them science, and business, and technology.

I work at a company that has a ton of women working in all three disciplines, and senior leadership roles as well.  I LOVE that.  That is exactly the environment we need a LOT more of.  People selected and promoted not based on their gender, but their abilities and the contributions they make.

And as these changes continue to develop throughout society, we need to be sure girls, who will become the very women I’m referring to, are ready.  Today is a day to focus on and highlight and celebrate that effort.  Today is a day to recommit to taking it to the next level for gender equality in society, ALL society, helping girls and women take it to the next level.

I wrote another piece about raising girls up a while back.  As a dad, I can have no greater mission.

Oh, and a little more background on the day itself and what you can do to celebrate?  Found here.



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