Make Do

When you hit the wall — and no matter how successful you are, how strong you are, how determined you are, it will happen — the main thing is to not be permanently stopped by the event.

How do we hit the wall?  A project fails, we run out of gas (in the car, or in our body), we find ourselves in a funk and can’t get out, we lose something, we get sick, we get injured, we get stalled out and can’t keep moving forward.

What then?  Make do.  Do the best you can.  To cope, to adjust, to regroup, to refuel, to get back on track.

Sometimes that’s all we can do.  


Make Do.

2 thoughts on “Make Do

  1. In recent years, I’ve been there all too often. I most often have broken through by “cleaning up”, working on seemingly insignificant details. I am surprised how quickly and regularly this shows me a path to progress.

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