#kidtime/2, Sunday

Not sure how it is in your world, but on this side, it seems like the list of things to do is never-ending.  Sundays are no exception.

There’s the usual stuff we all have to attend to:  dishes, laundry, picking up from the previous week, checking and paying the bills for the week, grocery shopping…if you add on any yard work tasks, the list doubles, at least.

But sometimes, it’s best to pause and make special effort to soak up the moment.  That happened this morning.

Little L was the first up this morning.  It was around 645am.  The other two kids were (thankfully) still fast asleep.  We had an hour of couch time under a blanket, snuggling, then quietly watching Handy Manny.

She had some milk and Gold Fish cheese crackers.  She lied on top of me watching her show. It was really nice.  She and I don’t get much time like that most days, it seems.

Of course, like a lot of good things, the moment was fleeting. By 825a the older daughter was up and the one-to-one dynamic evaporated.  Soon the trials and conflicts of little kids came to the fore.  The little one hit the older one with a doll, crying ensued, a time-out was levied, and then the oldest started whining about changing the channel to her show.

We were into the day.

But for a bit of time this morning, thanks to being present with our younger daughter, I got a great dose of being a daddy.  That’s what it’s all about.

Oh, and a little while later?  Big A (the older daughter) gave me a BIG hug.  That’s what it’s all about too.

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