Leap UP, and Move!


My maternal great-grandmother was born on 29 February sometime before the turn of the 19th century.  I remember her being in her 90’s when she left us, and through the years my memory of her has faded.

But on this particular 29 February, seems fitting to remember her.  After all, my parents — at least my dad, anyway — are approaching Nana’s stature.  Certainly their needs are now similar.  They really can’t do much on their own any more.

This timeless riddle comes to mind:

“It walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening. What is it?”  It’s a person:  a baby crawls on all fours, an adult walks upright on two legs, and the elderly often need help walking, as with cane.

I don’t recall what assistance Nana needed with “activities of daily living”, but I do recall her being friendly, and well…old.  🙂  My mom’s not so much like that yet, but my old man…?   He seems older ever time I see him lately.

I’m bound and determined to stay engaged with them, maybe now more than ever.  For myself and for them, but also for my little kids.  Not sure what they’ll remember of Grammy and Gramps when they’ve left this earth, but I hoping they have some recollection.

As we pass Day 60 since a stroke left my dad pretty well helpless, I’m also focused on what I can do to stay as healthy as I can, as I age myself.  Got a lot more to do, and more people now that rely on me.

So I’m trying to stay UP right in every way:  physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Big part of that is to keep moving, and being open, and trying new things and staying humble, and keeping a sense of humor.  As my dad’s speech therapist said recently, “Motion is lotion”…which I translate to “Keep moving!”

I’m sure gonna give it my all.

Oh yea, and if you’ve only got a fuzzy idea of what Leap Year is all about, and how wide-spread the idea is have a look here.  Once again, Wikipedia comes through.

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