Play Ball!


Headed to my first Giants game of the season tonight.  It’s the second to last exhibition game; the regular season starts Sunday, I think.  But it really doesn’t matter to me.  What does matter is that my son (LHL) is my wing-man tonight.

I know you might be thinking. “Ah well, here comes another sappy father/son story…”, but that’s not quite it.  It’s not about “showing him the game I love so much…”, or wanting to “plant the seed” for him to be a major leaguer some day.  Nope.

There are two main reasons I’m excited.

First, my boy is our middle child.  He’s 20 months younger than his older sister, and fifteen months older than our youngest.  And while I think we’ve done a pretty good job giving our three kids equal attention and individual time, I sometimes feel like LHL gets the short end of the deal.

But not tonight.

Tonight it’s all about the two of us hanging out, enjoying the scene at ATT Park, and maybe even seeing a little baseball.  You see, my son is only three years old. So I’m not exactly sure how long he’ll be able to concentrate.  Or how many potty runs we’ll need to do.  I suspect we’ll be done by the 7th inning, maximum.  But that doesn’t bug me a bit.  The important thing is that LHL and JHL (me) will be having some quality time together.

The other reason I’m excited is that he’s been having some extra health challenges the last week or so.  Nothing too serious, but very uncomfortable and irritating and draining for him.  So I’m hoping our adventure will give him a helpful distraction and put a smile on his face.  Because if he’s smiling, I’m smiling, and we are all GOOD.

Play Ball!


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