Get Vertical, Get UP


I was thinking recently, “We humans, we like to go UP.”  What does that mean, exactly?  Here’s a little of what I’m talking about.

As the snows begin to melt out west and winter sports give way to baseball, bike races, and BBQs, consider alpine snow sports, things like downhill skiing and snowboarding.  In this example, we like to go “UP”, so we can then go “down.”  The thrill of going up the mountain to zoom back down.

You might also consider rock climbing.  Think “Dawn Wall”  on El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park, in California.  Think “pitches” (how  climbers parse climbing distances as they traverse the rock face), anchors (used to fix safety ropes to the rock), and routes (some rocks, like El Cap, have more than a couple dozen).

Trial and error are the orders for the day, every day, when you’re climbing.  Being safely roped up, but also trying and failing and trying again.   It’s about striving for the summit, getting further than you did the last time, staying safe while also pushing yourself further.

Think about exercise, like running stairs.  When I was in college, the freshman dorm was called Swig Hall.  It had 11 floors.  I joined a couple buddies running those floors a few times.  It was 132 steps from the ground floor to the top.  Not sure why we felt compelled to run those stairs, other than it seemed like an accomplishment to do so.

It was all about going UP, really.  UP to the top, could we make it?  Could we do it twice? Or thrice — I don’t think I myself ever did it three times in a row — but you get the idea.

And still UP  beacons.  When I’m doing my morning exercise in the garage, part of my routine of late has been stepping up and down repeatedly on the two step UP into the house.  When I have time I do 132 steps, to simulate Swig and those 11 stories we ran all those years ago.

Then there is your ATTITUDE.   That is most certainly something that needs to be UP, go UP, stay UP.  Motivation too.  And inspiration.  Energy level too.  When these things are UP, we are at our best.  For ourselves. For others.  So, Fire UP. You’ll be glad you did.

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