Problems? GOOD.


I’ve written a lot about attitude…err, trying to have and maintain a good one, that is.  I think about it all the time, actually.  But like everyone, I also struggle with the endeavor plenty of times.

The basic concept that “life is difficult” is one I consider often as well.  A variation on that idea provided a little spark and refresh to my perspective on things this week.

The more active you are in life, at work, etc., the more problems you’re going to face.  The more we do, the more opportunity there is for things not to go well.  Difficulties, unforeseen issues, etc. are bound to come up.

The insight is, problems don’t have to be thought of as obstacles.  Instead, if you think of them a opportunities to make things better, learn something new, improve a situation, you’re on your way to a whole different mindset.

And that mindset?  It’s GOOD.

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