Weekend: Hug You, Zazen, Done


Ah weekends.  Unless there are specific events going on, outside commitments to attend to, the weekends around my house go something like this:

Sleep-in a little, clean up from the week, do family and household chores, get caught up on mail and bills, and maybe have a little leisure time to relax.  Somehow before you know it, it’s Sunday eve and time to prime for Monday.

Often the thought crosses my mind, “Where does the weekend go?!”

So I’m sharing these thoughts for myself, and you, in case you have a similar experience.

The bottom line is as usual, a bit of a dichotomy:  there are at least two sides to this particular coin.

The weekend is a time to mix up the routine a little, and for certain, attend to things you might not have ready-time for during the work-week.  It’s also a time to be sure you’re soaking up those experiences that matter most:  time with family, with friends, maybe a little time with yourself, even.

On my side, the best parts of my weekend include a few more hugs from my kids and a lot more time with them after a busy week.  The simple joy of watching my son roll around on the couch, nibble carrots and apples, play with his cars…hearing my daughter’s laugh, seeing her pirouette through the living room…you get the idea.  If I get an unexpected peck on the cheek from my wife, all the better!

I find my own particular “zazen” doing the most basic of tasks at home with my family — not in the traditional definition of the word, meaning ‘cross-legged meditation” — but instead a more active kind of respite, my zazen roots in letting the magic of the mundane sink in deep, to calm my mind and sooth my soul.

Along the way, I find my way through my chores, checking things off the list, getting things done.

The result of all this?  A Happy Weekend.  Make it so.  It’s up to you.

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