Sublime? Redux. 

A while back I wrote a piece entitled “Sublime Sunday”. The basic idea was, find the joy and the peace in the subtle, in the mundane. I talked about laundry and hot coffee and being happy in the moment.

Taking that approach a bit further now, let’s diversify the application of this simple idea to now include coping, dealing with struggle. Here’s the concept in that context. 

Every day pretty much, each of us probably faces some difficulty. It’s in these moments that we should pause, take a step back, and realize there is a bigger picture to consider. Especially when there is a lot of emotion involved, finding a bit of space to think clearly and decide the best course of action is critical. 

What happens when we follow this path? We check our ego, check our anxiety and even our fear, and rise to a higher plane, to manage the situation.

Start with five deep breaths and enter that space in your mind the next time you’re struggling. You might be surprised at the results. 

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