A Pile of Shells

We’re heading into one of the main  vacation times of year, and I’m thinking back to the family holiday last year on the beach.

I’ve come to love those days — this will be the third or fourth trip to the California coast near with the family — there’s a total focus on kid fun, beach play time, good food, quality time with the extended family, and slowing life down to reset.

I’m reminded that shifting the mind away from work and normal life’s day-to-day challenges takes effort. It takes conscious effort.

And as the noise in your mind quiets, important “big life” stuff comes to the fore.

Simple things are often the best.

Seek them out and you will see.


A walk in the wind.

A little bowl of popcorn.

The Zigzag game around the stumps down the road.

Kids dancing to the boom boom in the living room.

Piles of shells collected by kids and adults alike, simple joy found in abundance, all around.

It’s summer vacation again, the soul rejoices!

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