Do What You Can

When you’ve got a lot going on and the pace picks up, don’t let it get to you.  Resist the temptation to immediately silo-up, close off, push things to the side.  Learning to pick up your pace yourself and continue forward is an important life-skill.

Example?  As you might imagine, my own situation currently has things swirling about at an ever-quickening speed, it seems, and has brought this reminder to light.

Wife out of town, solo dad with three little kids, doctor’s appointment with/for my elderly father, various burning platforms at work, a report due later today, and on and on, faster and faster, and varied and more varied,  it seems indeed.

One of the tricks to coping, still being effective, and moving things forward?  Just that: DOING WHAT YOU CAN TO MOVE THINGS FORWARD.

As Jocko Willink (one of my favorite, frequent references) would say:

Prioritize and Execute.

And that screenshot of my stopwatch?  The brief workout I was able to get done to start the day.  A little later than usual, and shorter, but a little is better than none.

Do what you can, keep going.  Don’t get frazzled, get focused.


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