Walking Prayer

I’ve been walking and praying for the last 25 years, anyway.   

I was brought up in the church, and learned various ways of praying throughout my formative years as a believer.  At some point I started praying when I went for walks.

This practice is probably pretty common, overall.  Walking leads to thinking, thoughts lead to prayers.  

Pretty common.

The father of a good friend of mine passed on last night.  I just found out.

It was expected at some point soon — the elderly gentleman had been under hospice care in recent weeks.  Even though it was expected, that really doesn’t change things.  Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult.

My prayer just now from a short walk-break around the building is this:

For Papa W, may you already be in Heaven, at peace, free of the earthly body that failed you.  No doubt in my mind you are.

For Papa W’s wife, his adult children and their families:   Though you are all people of strong faith, though this was the path you knew you were on, we your friends all pray for you, that God may hold you in the palm of His hand, as you mourn your lose, but also celebrate Papa W’s life.



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