Build Your House on Rock

I heard a great and simple lesson earlier today, and would like to share it.

If we build our lives on this simple lesson, we will be better, happier individuals.  In fact, I would offer that this lesson is part of the bedrock of our humanity.

And just what is this lesson?  It is the concept and effort and act of forgiveness.  If we want to be the best we can be as individuals, as human beings, we must be able to, and CHOOSE to forgive, when the opportunity arises.

Like the famous passage goes, “…build your house on the rock, and it will be able to withstand the rain and the wind and floods….”.  If your life which is your house is built on bedrock, you will persevere through difficulty and extreme hardship, you will see through to the end.

And this bedrock, this foundation, is based largely on your ability to forgive others.  It is basic, it is fundamental, it is essential.   As another famous passage goes, “…forgive us, as we forgive others….”.  So your house will stand, so you will find happiness and fulfillment and peace in life, to the extent you can learn this simple lesson.

Build your house on forgiveness, and practice it every day.

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