Am I talking about the Barenaked Ladies song, you wonder…?  Nope, no muse on music this time around.

These numbers were a portion of a part number I was looking for last week when I was doing cycle counts.  The tray of parts was suppose to be on one shelf…but someone had put it elsewhere.  Not a big deal.

But it got me thinking, as similar situations have in the past, how important it is to put things back where you find them, back where they belong.  It helps everyone.  It’s the right thing to do.

Whether your seven years old, or 7 times 7, or beyond that, or anywhere in between.

You know that simple maxim, “Pay it forward”?   Put this one in that category.  But most important, put “it” back where you found it.

Oh, and that song?  Well, I should share it, it’s so…GOOD.  HERE.

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