Simple message today.  Not new, but important to repeat again and again and AGAIN.  This version, this time, brought to you by a pizza box, of all things.

Remember through all the hustle and bustle and set backs and challenges and obstacles and yes, even failures, find a moment (or more!) to enjoy every day.  EVERY DAY.

Find something to soak up the good from, no matter how small it might be — sometimes that’s all we get is a tidbit of joy, a little something that makes us smirk, smile, chuckle.

SAVOR that.

Concrete Example?  I just spent about 97 seconds putting this little post together.  And that brings me JOY.   🙂

Enjoy your delicious moments.  


2 thoughts on “Enjoy!

  1. I was delighted when the events of the day were fabulous, rather than labeling it a good day, I recognized that, as if being alive itself wasn’t cause to celebrate, I have some incredible fortune in the blessings that surround me.
    Long live the savor. 😀

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