Living With Lularoe

I live with a bunch of girls.  Ahem.  That’s not very polite, I guess.  More accurately, I live with a lovely wife and our two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 3.  And two female black labs (sisters, age 9).  And then there’s my son (age 4), and me.

We’re the two dudes living in the house, surrounded by a fairly strong female touch.  All good.  I love it.  I believe in gender equality, I try to be tuned into my feminine side, I want my son to be the same way.  I want my girls to learn to be strong, independent, capable, kind, thoughtful women, just like their mom is.

And speaking of their mom (aforementioned “lovely wife”), in addition to being a full-time teacher and dedicated parent, she also decided to enter into a side business last year, to make a little extra for the family, and also (my words), to diversify her wardrobe and her personal development.

She became a small business owner; a bit more precisely, she became a sales consultant / franchise owner (again, my word, not sure if that’s the true channel title), selling garments for Lularoe.

It means she had to get a business license, learn the basics from the company in all facets, prepare and coordinate her inbound and outbound logistics, sales, billing, etc.  Soup to nuts, she does it all.

It means we have one room dedicated to the business, and my wife carves out little (and sometimes bigger) blocks of time to conduct the business, and our kids see mom pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished with focus, fortitude, and some creativity.

The business activities obviously have an effect on our family.  Our older daughter drew the image above up this week.  I love the picture of the clothes on the rack.  I love the caption too:  “You are the queen of Lularoe.  You are the best at Lularoe disney character and colors [referring to a recent sales / merchandise promotion].”

Oh, and to see a little of what it’s all about from the outside, here’s a good portal:  Lularoe.


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