What should be open to adjustment? Just about everything, in my mind.

Schedules, approach, expectations (if you’re holding on to those), requirements to be happy.

We spend a lot of time planning and preparing and getting ready: to accomplish objectives, achieve goals, win games, live the best life we can.

What gets in the way? Those instances that occur in the very life we are trying to perfect: Illness, injury, accident, colliding with other peoples’ plans and egos, revolution.

That doesn’t mean flip-flop your core values or what you otherwise believe in, changing with the wind, with the current of the day. rudderless and unsure.

But it does mean you need to know just what your core values are, and let them guide you. If something is against your core value, then it calls for serious reflection and decision…you may need to adjust, or maybe just walk away from that situation.

It’s one of the ultimate human dichotomies: Find the balance of living by the values you’ve settled on, and being happy, and all those decisions in between.

Be ready to ADJUST.

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