Hospital Meditation, #2

“With My Boy…”

So our five-year old son was admitted to the hospital pediatric unit on Monday afternoon. Massive skin infections, multiple locations on his little body.

I’ve stayed with him in his room a couple nights so far; he’s had good periods and not-so-good; after all, he’s really sick, and hospitals can be scary for anyone, especially little people.

Lessons for him — and me— for present, and future:

*Pay attention to what your body is telling you. And communicate those needs to those who can help you.

*Wash your hands often.

*Short term gratification – “scratching the itch” – can lead to unforeseen problems. And those can become BIG problems.

*Life happens. Sometimes it’s really hard. Don’t stay paralyzed in shock, denial, or anger over the unfortunate. Life isn’t fair. But you CAN cope and overcome. Take it one step at a time.

*Accept council. Listen to those who can help. Follow advice and instruction from those you can trust.

*Hunker down. Bivouac as needed. Celebrate small victories. Build on them. Persevere.

“Bivouac 3205”

Next up…Crisis Illness Stresses Everyone Out.

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