An Attitude of Gratitude

(Note: Originally posted typo “Gratitudeo”.)

“What are you thankful for?”, a friend asked. I answered with this: “The list is long, my brother. I start the day with the simple stuff, simple prayer of thanks for my health, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, the same for my family, thankful for my wife, for my kids, for the job I have to provide…and on from there.

Each thing really, as often as I can: for hot coffee, that turn signal that changed in my favor, and on and on…you get the idea.”

That all may sound silly, trite, intentionally simple. Maybe. The last characterization is true for sure: being grateful is simple; putting gratitude high up on your priority list is easy. As the old Nike motto goes, “Just do it.”

Here’s another: “Life is short. Pray hard.” Be thankful. GOOD.

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