Inspiration Everywhere: FROOME


I’ve used the intro to that title before, because again and again, that’s my experience:  there is inspiration everywhere.   It’s an oft-used theme in my writing, and in my life.  I see it when I least expect it sometimes, and every time, I’m grateful.

This time it was seeing the news that Chris Froome, one of the best professional cyclists in the world right now, won a decisive Stage 19 in the Giro (grand tour in Italy being raced right now).  Happy for him and the win — it was really heroic, if you’re a racing fan (and maybe if you’re not).  There is something more though.

One of the first opportunities I had to publish anything I’d written was via a fan website for the Trek Pro Cycling Team; this was about seven or maybe even eight years back.  I found the website, contacted the site owner/editor, and he agreed to consider my posts.  It was a real thrill to have my work published, and will always be grateful for that opportunity.

From there I also published some work on a wellness website several years ago, and then started this blog in 2014.  This blog has been a real blessing for me as well; although the consistency of posts ebbs and flows a bit, the underlying themes and motivation and energy to write and get the thoughts out in the world.

And just like Chris Froome did in the attack he launched today in that bike race, I’m making the efforts to put it all out there, living the dream, being inspired everyday.

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