Hanging with ALL

This pic was from the weekend. What’s up just now?

Monday Funday rounding out with some simple chill time with the kids solo. My wife has to work tonight, so it’s me and A.L.L.

Upside: Everyone’s in a good mood – which is a plus for three kids under eight. The TV is helping me on that front, full disclosure. Everyone ate their dinner in reasonable elapsed time, and there have been no protests (touch wood) to bath time yet. Might get to bed on time tonight (jinx).

Not so up? I have some family management, white collar chores that will likely push until early tomorrow.

Oh well, that’s life. I forgot about my wife’s schedule, and overbooked on my evening expectations. Not happy about falling off a bit, but I’m not willing to up the stress level to get things done.

Gonna chill. That’s my choice, and I’m going with it.

And one more up?

I got a short blog post out of it.


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