A Dad’s Log: Tales from the Tub Room

Another go at getting back to regular blog posts, regular sharing of the myriad thoughts that flow through my mind. I’m like lots of folks I’m sure; lots checking in, checking out of my brain throughout the day. Writing helps to slow down the flow, to recap, to get a rope on that herd thundering along.

Great, but what’s with the title of this post? “Tales from the Tub Room”…? You might guess it has to do something with the bathtub. And if you guessed that, you’d be quite correct. Though I’m not typing away while lounging neck-deep in warm sudsy water.

Rather it was when I could snip out a few minutes to start the post; Kid 3, then Kid 2 went through their bath routine, I got a few minutes along the way to jot. Take the time where and when you can get it.

Now it’s an hour later and we’re all winding down for the night; lights are off, house is quite, jot jot jot I go to finish this post.

And just what was the point again? Finding time, busy life, slowing down, resolved that making a little effort is better than no effort.

Amen, squeaky clean, and GOOD NIGHT.

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