A Dad’s Log: 6 Minutes

It’s been a busy day.

I was up very early to do some work before everyone else got up. Got the usual dogs walk in before settling down with the laptop.

After I finished up and was ready to head out, I had some extra wrangling to do with our four-year old, to get her dressed for the day care drop off.

After I dropped her off it was straight into the fray at work. Funny thing, “the fray” isn’t anything overtly intense, just the usual demands for a guy doing my job. But since it’s a relatively new job for me, so I’m still climbing that learning curve.

It was none-stop until it was time to depart for an afternoon dentist appointment. That went surprisingly well.

And now on the way home, stopping by an office to drop something off for a friend, I’m a little early, he needs a bit more time for the hand off, and so voila! I’ve got a few minutes, and that’s enough time for a short blog post.

Nice to have a few minutes to “just…sit.” I see people at work sometimes, just sitting; I often think, “I need to do a little more of that.”

Oh wait! I just did. Well, sort of. I was tapping away putting these words down…but it felt like a break.

Yea, I need to do more of that. GOOD.

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