There is an awful lot we can learn, and a lot of joy to be had as well, when we listen. When listening carefully, we also deepen our awareness, and strengthen our ability to cope and understand and thrive in the world.

The other morning very early, I made the decision not to get up to take the dogs out for a walk in the usual pre-dawn darkness. Instead I chose to lie in bed after feeding them, and just listen. 

The sounds that whispered through the room? The gentle creaks of of our antique sleigh bed when my wife adjusted herself next to me, and the deep breathes of sleeping kids in the other room, across the hall. Somewhere outside, off in the distance, I heard a truck beeping as it backed up to a delivery dock. 

Our house makes sound itself too. You can hear it creak like the bed, as temperature warms and the wood expands. The heater in the hall bangs awake as the metal grate heats up. The day is set to begin.
Another good example for listening, is my ritual of listening to the morning news via NPR podcast on the way into work. And then also, enjoying a little classical music on KDFC before arriving to the office.

And finally, there is Pope Francis‘s tweet from this week about listening and it’s effect of soul.

He wrote on Twitter under his @Pontifex moniker: “This is the first step in order to grow on our journey of faith: listening. Before speaking, listen.”


It’s not always easy. If you’re a talker like me, sometimes it’s really tough. But it’s worth it. 

Listen to those around you. Listen to your friends, your partner, your spouse, your co-workers, your kids.we

Listen and learn and love. Good way to start the day, good way to live everyday. Listen.


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