Are You Experienced?

Sure there’s the Jimi Hendrix debut album from 1967, but that’s not (exactly) what I’m talking about.

In its most basic form, I’m talking about the experiences we have everyday, and making the most, or maybe TAKING the most, from every situation, every experience, every day. Here’s what I mean.

There are plenty of ups and downs everyday. Sometimes things go as planned and we get excellent outcomes. Often times the experience, and the result is something less. And that’s perfectly fine.

The key is to take the most that you can from every situation, In every instance there is something to learn, something to appreciate, maybe even enjoy; this can be the case even if things don’t go as you’d like then to.

Concrete examples from the last few days in my little corner of the world…?

To the fore of my mind, from five minutes ago. My younger daughter absolutely NOT wanting to put on her pajamas. Even though it was time to do so. Passed the time, actually. Should I have a daddy-meltdown, or just deal with it. “Deal with it” is the right answer. It worked out; she came around to cooperate. Just lovely.

Or a few days back, my family and I went to the snow for a couple days. Or that was the idea. Didn’t work out quite that way.

There was only remanent amount of snow at the cabin where we stayed. No good for any snow play there. Our kids were a little bummed.

At the snow park we went to they made snow, so there was enough for fun tubing we did the majority of the day. But that was it. The snow man mother kids wanted to make? We made him from chunks of iced snow. We did the best we could. And that’s how it fits. We made the most of the experience we had, even if it wasn’t the experience we’d hoped for.

And several times through out the holiday break there where conflicts that bubbled up over things that didn’t go as planned, or as hoped for, or both.

Bottom line? Make the most of the experiences you have, every one of them. As the Hendrix lyric suggests, “if you can just get your mind together, and come across to me…”, come across to this particular way of thinking.

Take what you can that’s good, and move forward. Your attitude, and your life, will be better for it.

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